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@Tanzania will take you to the most beautiful parks in Tanzania like Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire, Selous and Ruaha, with “the sea extension” you can move to Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba or Swahili coast. The Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron, the Mikumi park or Udzungwa park and numerous other lesser known destinations can be included as another safari circuit.

South Tanzania Safari

North Tanzania Safari

Offers and Safari actualities

Safari Package deals

With @Tanzania Safari deals and Safari packages are always listed in their offer and deal section. You will find ready made safari packages at affordable price and rate for Sea View Hotels arrangement.

Tour Arusha Town

You will be visiting the Arusha International Conference Center ( AICC ), the local market, the national museum of Tanzania. Midway between Cairo and Cape Town you can see the Clock tower.

Balloon Safari Experience

Fly over the Serengeti lowland to watch the spectacular wildebeest and Zebra migration along with predators in action. This is a must experience once in a lifetime you would never want to miss.

Night Game Drive

Tarangire and Manyara park offer an unique way to enjoy wild animal sound and detect nocturnal animals whilst in a special vehicle.

Walk and Mountain Bike Safari

Through the guidance of Local Guides or Armed Rangers it is possible to explore the park and surrounding areas by bike or walk. Do you want to add more experience to your safari? Then you could opt for a horse riding to enjoy nature and wildlife from a different point of view.

Traditions and Local Culture

A local guide will assist you to visit local villages,markets and local projects, farms and plantations during your safari in Tanzania. You could go hunting and see the traditional lifestyle of the Hadzabe being a hunter-gatherer tribe, habitants of the Rift Valley near the Lake Eyasi.

Maasai Culture

On Wednesday Friday Saturday and Sunday Maasai and Meru tribes meet and sell their animals and products in Maasai market close to Arusha. You can also experience Maasai Boma traditional dancing lifestyle during your safari.

Knowing the circuits

The Northern Circuit is effectively available and known for its high grouping of assorted qualities and availability of its wildlife.

The Southern Circuit, the natural life is pretty much as amazing, despite the fact that it’s regularly spread over bigger territories. These parks are not occupied and it’s rare you meet another vehicle during the game drive. It’s an extraordinary safari experience!

The Western Circuit Safari incorporates Katavi and Mahale National Parks. It’s a genuine experience visit these remote National Parks with their substantial warm blooded animals, enormous predators and chimps.

Tanzania What to see?

Tanzania has been over and over renowned  as the best destination for safaris in Africa. Its parks are among the most acclaimed on the planet, an absolute necessity for the stunning perspectives and the convergence of creatures. In Tanzania you will visit the Rift Valley and its lakes, archeological sites for their importance in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar islands and the long costal beaches with crystal water.

Our suggestions 

In our web site, we provide some expedition programs, walking and beach holidays we’ve refined and perfected over the years. You’re able to opt for one amongst these safaris, modify and improve on it, or generate one with our experts at your own likeness, budget and hobby.

Tanzania is not a cheap Safari destination because of its expensive park fees. @Tanzania will do its best to find the most valuable solution depending on your budget. You have a choice from passing a night in one Luxury Lodge or go for a Bush Camping where you pass your night in a tent. The choice is yours and we are here to make and bring your ideas live.

It takes just an email to ask our staff for tailor made safari and they will be very happy to assist you.

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